Saturday, January 5, 2008

Finished The Ha-Ha

Well, tonight I finished The Ha-Ha by Dave King. I am looking forward to our book group discussion on Monday evening - everyone always has something to say. I loved this book! Dave, if you stop again, I do hope you're working on another!

This was a book where I got hooked on the main character right away and it was a bit bittersweet and a bit funny sweet but very satisfying all the way. I loved the author's style and felt like so much thought had gone into crafting it. This was a book that made me think of some of the unconventional "families" we form in our lives as well as how easy it is to turn away from those things that keep us going everyday and potentially make some bad decisions. It is a reminder to me of how open and expansive life can be if you stay open to possibility and remember what a gift life truly is. This is a book to savor and I highly recommend it. I will be passing my copy along to my sister as a recommendation for her book group.

Next up is Three Cups of Tea by Greg Morgansen.

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Dave said...

Yeah, I have one of those google alerts that lets me know when anything about me or my book goes up on the web. So here I am again. Many thanks for reading my book, and many thanks also for your kind words. Despite all the reviews and prizes, this is actually how the book did well--by word of mouth--and I'm very appreciative. Please thank your book group, too.

I am working on a new novel, this one quite different in tone from The Ha-Ha. I'm hoping to get it out in about a year, and meanwhile the film of The Ha-Ha seems to still be in the works. But I'm not involved in the film.

All best to you, and happy new year!